Farallon PWDs
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Ch Alto Mare Farallon of the Sea

DOB 7/6/2005
OFA - Good
Available to an approved companion or performance home
Special consideration for experienced performance home!


CH Farallon Fire n Ice

DOB 8/15/06

Available to an approved show home

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About Smooth Faced Puppies
"Smooth faced" puppies are also called Improperly Coated PWDs - they exhibit a recessive coat characteristic.
As adults these puppies will have a single coat that will resemble a flat-coated retriever (wavy smooth faced)
or a Chesapeke Bay Retreiever (curly smooth faced), with minimal shedding.
The hair doesn't grow long so less grooming is required!
Not recommended for persons with allergies.
Excellent for agility, obedience, water work, and family pets.
These are AKC registered pure-bred Portuguese Water Dogs and sell for half-price.

- We have No Smooth Faced Puppies currently available -

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